Trade Marks – if you don’t use them you may lose them – Trade Mark Lawyer Auckland – Dukesons Business Law

August 2017

Once registered, a trader has to use the mark – otherwise, others (especially competitors) can apply to have the registration of the mark revoked. Read more

Terms of Trade - Too Easy to Underestimate - Contract Lawyer Auckland - Dukesons Business Law

July 2017

The consequences of not getting them right can be severe. Read more

Employee or Contractor? Take the time to find out - another recent case. Employment Lawyer Auckland. Dukesons Business Law

June 2017

Another recent case shows the need to take the trouble to make sure whether a worker is a contractor or employee. Read more

Trial periods and payment in lieu of notice. Employment Lawyer Auckland – Dukesons Business Law

May 2017

Can an employer pay an employee in lieu of giving them notice if the employer wants to terminate the employment during the trial period? Read more

Warnings for Retailers of Products and Services – Consumer Lawyer Auckland – Dukesons Business Law

May 2017

The Commerce Commission has issued an open letter to retailers to encourage retailers to improve the pricing practices Read more

Employee or Contractor – Employment Lawyer Auckland – Dukesons Business Law

May 2017

It isn’t as simple as many employers think to determine whether or not a worker is an employee or a contractor. Employers are often surprised to learn that just entering into a contractor agreement… Read more

Employers Running Out of Time to Comply with Law Changes-Employment Lawyer Auckland-Dukesons Business Law

March 2017

Employers have less than one month to update their existing employment agreement templates to ensure compliance by 1st April with recent changes to the Employment Relations Act 2000 (ERA). Read more

Why Have A Shareholders Agreement? Company Lawyer Auckland Dukesons Business Law

February 2017

There’s a long list of important issues that could be dealt with in a shareholders agreement. Especially important issues include: Read more

Residency Requirement for Director of NZ Company - Company Lawyer Auckland - Dukesons Business Law

January 2017

New Zealand companies are required to have at least one director who lives in New Zealand; or lives in Australia and is also the director of an Australian company (excluding a branch). Read more

Trade Mark Owners Mislead By Overseas Company - Trade Mark Lawyer Auckland - Dukesons Business Law

December 2016

The Commerce Commission has warned Gibraltar-based company PTMO Limited for a notice it sent to New Zealand trademark holders. Amongst other things, the Commission considered that the notice gave… Read more

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