Tailoring Constitutions for Small Business Companies – Shareholders Agreements – Company Lawyer – Business Lawyer - Dukesons Business Law

June 2018

I have just recently given a seminar (to lawyers, not clients) for the Auckland District Law Society) on tailoring constitutions for small businesses. The focus was on clauses or issues that might be… Read more


May 2018

From 1 July 2018, all lawyers who undertake certain kinds of work for clients and prospective clients will have to undertake due diligence to verify the identities of their clients/prospective clients… Read more

Terminating employment on medical grounds - Employment Lawyer - Dukesons Business Law

May 2018

Dealing with employees and sick leave and incapacity can be more difficult than many employers would like. One issue is at what point an employer can terminate employment where an employee can’t… Read more

Payment in lieu of notice Trial Periods – Employment Lawyer – Business Lawyer - Dukesons Business Law

March 2018

The Employment Court has given a very important decision affirming that payment in lieu of notice is permissible in relation to a trial period. Read more

Will the real employer stand up? Labour Hire Workers. Employment Lawyer. Dukesons Business Law.

February 2018

Clients of mine who have consulted me on employment or contractor matters will know that issues can arise as to whether a worker is an employee or an independent contractor, regardless of their having… Read more

Proposed Employment Law Changes - Employment Lawyer - Dukesons Business Law

January 2018

Proposed Changes include: 90 day trial periods: small businesses (less than 20 employees) will be relieved that trial periods will still be possible. Read more

Businesses still unaware of the PPSA at their peril – Business Lawyer – Commercial Lawyer – Dukesons Business Law

November 2017

I was interviewed by Radio NZ about a car hire company which, unfortunately, lost out on one of its vehicles because it didn’t understand that PPSA, despite the fact that the PPSA is nearly 20 years… Read more

Shareholders Agreements - Company Lawyer - Commercial Lawyer - Dukesons Business Law

November 2017

I presented a paper to lawyers in November 2017 on Shareholders Agreements. For a blog on why parties should consider a Shareholders Agreement, click on this link: Read more

Director Liable for misleading conduct - Dukesons Business Law - Business Lawyer - Commercial Lawyer

October 2017

A warning for directors and even shareholders: Directors (and shareholders for that matter) can’t assume that they can hide behind their companies if they engage in misleading or deceptive conduct in… Read more

Trial Periods - risk as to payment in lieu of notice. Employment Lawyer Auckland Dukesons Business Law

October 2017

The risk: It may not be lawful to pay an employee in lieu of notice in relation to a trial period and it would be risky to rely on any provision in an employment agreement that provides for… Read more

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