More on Terms of Trade – Dukesons Business Law – Contract Lawyer – Business Lawyer

May 2021

NEWS FLASH: Terms of Trade are your core business document. What’s provided in them must be practical and reflect how YOU carry on YOUR BUSINESS as well as covering the many legal issues that can… Read more

Contractor or Employee-Uber Driver-Dukesons Business Law-Employment Lawyer-Business Lawyer

February 2021

In Arachchige v Rasier New Zealand Limited and Uber B.V, the Employment Court decided in a recent case that a Uber driver was a contractor and not an employee. Read more

A good illustration of 90 day trial period clauses - Dukesons Business Law - Employment Lawyer - Business Lawyer

January 2021

The fact that an employee didn’t sign an EA with a 90 day trial period clause in it until arriving to start work didn’t invalidate the trial period clause. However the employer couldn’t rely on the… Read more

Personal Property Securities Act – Back to Basics – Dukesons Business Law – Business Lawyer – Commercial Lawyer – Contract Lawyer

October 2020

The PPSA is at odds with traditional legal concepts. Ownership of goods may count for little if a debtor becomes insolvent. Creditors that have a security interest over the debtor’s property may be… Read more

Shareholders Agreements - Reap what you sow – Dukesons Business Law – Company Lawyer – Contract Lawyer - Business Lawyer

September 2020

A recent case illustrates the point that the effectiveness or usefulness of a Shareholders Agreement will depend on the time and effort that’s put into it. That’s a point that I’ve made in several… Read more

Covid 19 lessons for commercial contracts – Dukesons Business Law – Business Lawyer – Commercial Lawyer – Contract Lawyer

September 2020

One lesson from COVID 19 is that going forward, parties need to consider in more detail what should be in their contract to deal with unexpected events that are beyond their control. Read more

COVID 19 Aid and who deserves our trust – Dukesons Business Law - Business Lawyer – Commercial Lawyer

August 2020

I will list some key sources of Covid 19 aid for employers and employees and then express a personal view on several matters. Read more

Remote Employees – Dukesons Business Law - Employment Lawyer – Business Lawyer

August 2020

This article was written yesterday, little knowing that by the end of day, the country was told that Auckland would go into Alert Level 3 today.The article is even more pertinent now. It was… Read more

COVID 19 doesn’t permit unilateral variations to Employment Agreements – Employment Lawyer – Business Lawyer – Dukesons Business Law

July 2020

A recent ERA case that relates to a COVID 19 lockdown period simply illustrates the law that employer’s can’t usually vary employment agreements unilaterally. Read more

Important Case Contractor or Employee – Dukesons Business Law - Employment Lawyer – Business Lawyer

May 2020

An important case that highlights key issues in determining whether a worker is a contactor or an employee. Read more

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