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May 2020

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Detailed force majeure clauses and appropriate variation clauses are two types of clauses that employer should consider having in their employment agreement templates.

Some templates have force majeure clause but usually, they will be three or four lines long and may or may not have been helpful during the COVID 19 crisis. Clauses that contain more detail are likely to be more useful if a force majeure event occurs. It's now clear that epidemics and pandemics can happen and may happen again at any time.

Some templates also contain a clause permitting the employer to vary certain terms including as to duties, days or times worked, etc. Any templates that don't include such a clause would benefit from an appropriate clause being inserted.

These types of clauses will be subject to some limitations but could prove to be very beneficial depending on just what circumstances arise and employers are likely to want to do the best that they can to deal with difficult circumstances.

Please contact me if you want these types of clauses added to your templates or if you want me to revise your existing clauses.


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