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August 2016


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A trial period provision was ineffective because the Employment Agreement didn't specify the trial period. Instead, it said that the trial period wouldn't exceed 90 days.

The requirements for an effective trial period provision are pretty simple (at least, most employment lawyers would think so) - but they have to be complied with. For there to be an effective trial period:

  • the employee must be a new employee - if they have worked for the employer before or have started work before they have been given or signed an employment agreement, they won't be a new employee;
  • the maximum trial period is 90 days from the date of commencement of employment - it can't be extended;
  • the period must be specified in the Employment Agreement;
  • the agreement should state that during the trial period, the employer may dismiss the employee and if that occurs, the employee can't bring a personal grievance or any other legal proceedings in relation to the dismissal.

These requirements are relatively simple and have been in place for some time now and employers who have consulted an employment lawyer shouldn't be having any difficulties in setting up valid trial periods.

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